Disturbing: Physicist Claims He Knows Why We Haven’t Met Alien Civilizations Yet

Is there anything outside our world is one of the most controversial questions. Yet, no one managed to find a proper answer. Are there alien civilizations and if there are, why can’t we seem them? People just keep getting puzzled over and over again.

Russian physicist Alexander Berezin from the National Research University of Electronic Technology might have figured it out.

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According to him, once a civilization achieves to spread across the stars, it will unavoidably annihilate all the rest of the civilizations.

His rather severe explanation doesn’t necessarily propose malevolent alien civilizations. He thinks that they probably don’t even pay attention to us since their rapid expansion crosswise the galaxy is more significant than what would happen to us.

“They simply won’t notice, the same way a construction crew demolishes an anthill to build real estate because they lack the incentive to protect it,” he wrote in his paper.

But, the explanation Berezin offered keeps getting even harsher. He suggests that the reason we still exist is that we are not ants but rather the upcoming destroyers of infinite civilizations.

“Assuming the hypothesis above is correct, what does it mean for our future? The only explanation is the invocation of the anthropic principle. We are the first to arrive at the [interstellar] stage. And, most likely, will be the last to leave,” Berezin explained.

Berezin solution is one of the many for the so-called Fermi Paradox, named after physicist Enrico Fermi. It implies the contradiction between the lack of evidence and the high likelihood alien civilizations exist.

His explication is based on numerous simplifications of assumptions. For instance, he thinks life depends only on one parameter instead of the generally accepted seven. He suggests that is growth.

According to him, growth is the only drive of expanding beyond the home planet. If this drive becomes a governing power, it will defeat any other possible civilization in the universe.

If Berezin turns out to be right, we will face a big dilemma. To go beyond and fight or to get extinct? Let’s just hope his theory is wrong.