Immense Underwater Pyramid In Portugal Could Be The Missing Link Of Atlantis

Not so long ago, an amateur sailor found an immense underwater pyramid in the Azores islands of Portugal. The extraordinary formation covers 60 meters in height while its bottom is about 8,000 square meters.

Diocletian Silva, the man who found the underwater pyramid, was ending his yacht trip in the Atlantic, between the São Miguel and Terceira islands. He suddenly obtained a weird sign from his radar that he immediately took into consideration.

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Following the identification of the radar signals, Mr. Silva noticed a colossal structure that looked like a pyramid with its peak submersed about 40 feet underneath the ocean.

According to Silva, this amazing formation could belong to the mythical Atlantis. The underwater pyramid has a perfect shape and it’s faced by the cardinal spots, just like the Great Pyramid of Giza is.

Mr. Silva said: “It’s amazing because it forms a perfect pyramid. And moreover, orientation, deployment of the pyramid: The vertices are oriented north and south, just north and south, such as the Giza Pyramids in Egypt.”

The pyramid is located in an area of the Atlantic Ocean submerged by water around 20,000 years ago. However, before it was flooded, it is considered that a Portuguese civilization used to live on that field.

Therefore, the scientists concluded that this marvelous construction could have been built by this civilization.

Succeeding the discovery, the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute of the Navy examined whether the pyramid was built by a man or it naturally appeared. Their results managed to blow the minds of many researchers.

Researchers examining the area obtained other signals in the neighboring region and unearthed two other pyramids.

These pyramids, however, measured about 120 meters in height and had a 20,000 square meters base. In fact, they were even bigger than the initial discovery.

The long-lost city of Atlantis has been a real mystery. Many people wonder whether it really existed while many even took a lot of effort and time to actually find its remains.

The first clues of this fabled city appeared in Plato’s dialogues of Timaeus and Critias, written in 360 C.

According to this eminent Greek philosopher, Atlantis was a naval power “lying across the Pillars of Hercules”.

It flourished after winning a part of Western Europe and Africa. Following an unsuccessful try to subdue Athens, the whole city sunk in the ocean “in a single day and night of misfortune.”

Curiously, this discovery didn’t receive much attention from the global media. It was rather only covered by few local newspapers.

Whether this underwater pyramid indeed belongs to Atlantis, only deeper research will reveal. If the answer is yes, this discovery will rewrite our history.