Interested How UFOs Fly? Pentagon Official Blows The Whistle

Looks like we are finally going to understand the alien technology since a former Pentagon official decided to spill the beans on how actually UFOs fly and operate.

Recently, as we reported, there was a classified Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) which focused on a UFO sensation inquiry. An ex-Pentagon official and one of the leaders of the investigation has exposed startling aspects of the mysterious phenomenon.

This top-secret program operated with a large budget of over $20 million dollars. Moreover, the Pentagon’s C ring conveyed it, completely dedicated to UFOs.

Luis Elizondo, the man who was responsible, blew the whistle about the program and what exporters discovered ever since Nevada Democrat Senator Harry Reid pressured it in 2007.

Certainly, one of the most leading-edge discoveries, along with audio and video was the AATIP’s case from 2015. Namely, when the US Navy pilots detected a whole flotilla of UFOs going with 120 twists in motion.

As reported by the witnesses, the UFO had a mysterious energy system. It was performing incredible movements, untypical for man-made aircraft.

Recently, Mr. Elizondo has revealed everything he knows about the powerful capabilities of the UFOs.

“I think we’ve come very close to understanding the physics of how it works, and that’s very exciting.

“For the first time, we have a compelling picture that what we are seeing is explained in our current understanding of physics, advanced physics, and quantum mechanics,” Mr. Elizondo stated.

We recently published an article about the US Navy Pilot David Fravor and others who made a bizarre footage of being chased by a UFO off the coast of the US.

The video which we attached below shows how the UFO appears on the altitude of 80,000 feet. Fravor said he literally chased the aircraft, trying to get nearer. Instead, the craft quickly accelerated its speed and disappeared in a matter of seconds.

“We do believe all these observables we’ve been seeing, sudden and extreme acceleration, hypersonic velocities, low observability, trans medium travel, and last but not least, positive lift, anti-gravity — is really the manifestation of a single technology.”

“So it’s not five exotic technologies we’re trying to figure out, it’s one. And we think we know that one too,” described Mr. Elizondo.

The scientists from the Bigelow Aerospace also gave their explanation.

Hal Puthoff, a physicist, said that these mysterious objects are capable of producing their own time-space bubble. For this reason, they are able to fly with an abnormally large speed.

According to Pentagon’s official, Elizondo, the UFOs fly with an incredible speed due to a large amount of power. It is also a result of their strength of twisting space-time.

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