The Rendlesham Forest UFO Event: New Witness Heard US Airmen Mention ‘Little People’

A new witness who asked to stay anonymous claims he heard US pilots say ‘small beings’ after the famous Rendlesham Forest UFO Incident.

This witness might have the potential to solve one of the most famous UFO cases in Britain.

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The Rendlesham Forest UFO incident happened around the bases RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters. Later, it became one of the most mysterious UFO cases on the British ground.

The Alleged UFO landing site At Rendlesham Forest

This event was said to “the British Roswell” since it was strongly similar to the Roswell incident that happened in New Mexico, USA in earlier in 1947.

The alleged alien incident at Rendlesham involved three US officers at RAF Bentwaters. They reported seeing a “triangular-shaped craft” landing in the close woods.

The 62-years old man, who preferred not to mention his name, said he had heard personal details in the conversation between the US pilots. According to him, they mentioned ‘little beings’ and ‘lights’ a few days after the event.

This new witness was quoted by the British newspaper Express. He claims at the time, he was working for a newspaper company in Felixstowe.

One night, he ended up in the having a drink in the bar of The Marlborough Hotel. There, he apparently heard the eerie conversation between the military staff about seeing otherworldly creatures.

The anonymous witness said he was casually having a drink at the bar when he heard the bizarre words exchange.

Apparently, the seafront hotels like The Marlborough were very popular among the USAF workers.

“I knew a few of the USAF personnel by name, but it was just through bar talk, and we had no relationship outside of the bar. There was a few USAF personnel in the Boat, as we called it and a small group of them stood alone in the corner of the bar.

“I looked over at them from time to time and could see they were having a serious discussion over something.

“One airman seemed to be particularly agitated. I edged over towards them, whether I wanted to be nosy, or just get closer to the fire I don’t know, but I did overhear a few words.

“The airman that was agitated talked about lights and little people.”

As reports, the unknown witness had no idea about the Rendlesham Forest UFO event while hearing the conversation. He found out about it four years later.

“Obviously it was a little eerie, but the events of 1980 were not known usually at that time, so it meant nothing to me.”

Furthermore, the man explained how the co-workers tried to calm down the obviously upset airman. He asked the airman whether his mate was feeling ok. The answer was that he was little upset and nothing more.

The witness continued explaining how the airman’s anxiety came to sight a while later again. However, he couldn’t understand their further conversation.

“One of his mates then put an arm around him, attempting to calm him down and told him to keep quiet or he would be in trouble.”

The weirdest part is the witness allegedly saw one of the airmen at the same bar a few days later.

He asked him if his colleague has calmed down from the last time he met them. Reportedly, he responded: “I think so, but he had been sent back to the States, and no-one knew why’.”