Researchers Believe Bigfoot Is An Extraterrestrial Visitor

The newest theory by the UFO researchers combined the origin of the so-called Bigfoot or Sasquatch with outer space. Whether it’s possible Bigfoot to be an extraterrestrial visitor was a fiery topic on the Greater New England UFO Conference in Leominster.

William Hall began his career as a paranormal researcher of UFOs. During the conference, he claimed that the supernatural world is more pertinent than people actually think it is.

According to Hall, a large portion of the typical human encounters with extraterrestrials, such as aliens, ghosts and Bigfoot, exhibit comparable signs.

He mentioned creatures that suddenly disappear, objects that move incredibly fast and weird lights.

“It used to be that the UFO people didn’t talk to the ghost people because they were a little weird, and nobody would talk to the Bigfoot people because they were crazy,” Hall stated.

“I found out, we cannot continue to do that. In reality, quantum physics is leading us there.”

However, this theory didn’t appear recently. It was proposed in the past too, in particular, by Dr. Franklin Ruehl. Speaking for Huffington Post, he said that these sightings could be traced back in the 1800s.

Speaking in terms of our contemporary era, this theory emerged back in 1973, however, this one is infringing upon more and more Bigfoot hunters who report seeing things known as orange orbs.

Namely, these inexplicable lights move very fast and were encountered in areas that have a strong link with Bigfoot.

Bill Brock, a notable Bigfoot hunter was the first spokesman at the convention. He cited a recent NASA announcement which stated magnetic portals could be real.

Moreover, he mentioned he started believing in multi-dimensional portals the moment he went to West Virginia to analyze the Mothman case.

The question is whether it’s possible these mysterious orbs to be transporter beams for Bigfoot? According to Leominster’s Bill Penning, it is!

During his first Sasquatch contact, something big rocked the ground but disappeared immediately after that.

He then searched for clues only to find tracks that showed something appeared behind a running deer, caught it and eventually they both disappeared. This is where the footprints ended as well.

So, if Sasquatch exists, where are the animal remains he lefts behind?

“That (portals) could be why we don’t see any bodies, why there are no bones,” said Penning.

Team Squatchachusetts is a Bigfoot research group. Its founder, Jonathan Wilk, said that many websites own videos of these orange orbs. However, they choose to stay receptive to the idea.

“I have no official opinion on it,” he said. “I leave nothing off the table because there are a lot of things we find in our fieldwork that we cannot explain.”

Another member of the aforementioned Bigfoot research group, David McCullough, also had his own encounter with the mysterious orange orbs. Ever since his experience, he became more convinced these orbs are actually portals.