Secret Chambers Were Revealed Under The Pyramids And The Sphinx

Nowadays people believe that there really is such thing as “forbidden archaeology” which means that archeologists don’t present all their discoveries to the public.

Other people believe that these stories are nonsense and they don’t believe any major discoveries have been found and hidden from the eyes of the public.

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This was exactly the case of the great discovery at the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Archaeologists swear on the great secrets that can be found underneath the worldwide famous, great Pyramids of Egypt and the even greater Sphinx. There are numerous of cavities and chambers that have remained a mystery for thousands of years.

These secret chambers hold some very important stories and answers that will help us to realize the ancient civilizations. They will help us understand their lifestyle and even realize how advanced they really were.

The discoveries underneath the pyramids and the Sphinx are of great importance because there was this statue of the surface of the planet which is considered to be one of the most mysterious and ancient statues ever revealed on Earth.

No one has the answers to who, why and when built this statue. No one ever realized what the actual purpose of it is.

Also, no one had the information about the Pyramids and the Sphinx at the beginning also. Until 1987 when scientists discovered several tunnels and cavities beneath Giza. Yet the answers about the purpose of these tunnels remained an enigma and mystery.

Other scientists from Japan have discovered even more cavities beneath the Pyramids and the Sphinx. They believed these cavities form some kind of a tunnel underneath the monument and they believed that they all are connected for some purpose that even they were not aware of.

The real question here is, why these discoveries were not yet explored in detail? And is there really such thing as “ forbidden archaeology”?

There are even some pictures that prove for a fact that the hidden cavities and chambers really do exist under the Pyramids and the Sphinx. These pictures were made in 1991 when researchers went there in order to prove that the findings from 1987 are real. After which they realized that all of that is true, they also didn’t do anything about it and there were no authorities exploring and understanding what these chambers actually meant and what were they used for.

So with all this evidence, we start to believe that these finds are actually forbidden to be explored or that we are actually not very interested in what they can tell.

Also, did you know that there are tons of evidence that there is another monument such as this? Can you believe that there is another Sphinx at Giza that looks exactly the same as this one?
There is scientific evidence about this fact and you can look for it online. In the same time, how do we know if there are even more evidence of this fact in the secret chambers no revealed in the Pyramids and the Sphinx?