The Earth Has Been Hit By Moon-Sized Objects In The Past!

The composition of the rocks in our planet may finally be explained thanks to this new study that suggests the Earth has been repeatedly hit by some Moon-sized objects In the past!

This study was even published and made by scientists from Southwest Research Institute in Texas and published in Nature Geoscience. They were studying the period of time when the Earth was hit by a Mars-sized object over 4-5 billion years ago.

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The impact was so hard that a lot of pieces of rocks flew out and some of them went into the universe and others stayed in the orbit of the earth until they were crushed by the gravity.

However, scientists believed that a lot more dramatic event took place which is why they modeled the earth and they found out that there were multiple subsequent impacts and not just one!
They claim that some of the objects that hit the earth were even as big as the Moon.

They now believe that the previous calculations that about 0.5 percent of our planet is made from other objects now are proven wrong because the real number is two to five times greater!

These things called siderophile elements are connected with this event. The scientists explain that those are elements that get absorbed into iron like platinum and gold. They believe that some of these elements were delivered here after the Moon was formed and others were absorbed in the core of the Earth.

This discovery actually helps a lot to solve a great number of questions. For example, we do not get the idea of where do the isotopic anomalies in some rocks here in the Earth came from. The mixing of this rocks occurred because our planet was constantly hit by other big sized objects!