9,300 Year-Old Monolith Can Change Our Whole History

The newly found vast ancient monolith in the Mediterranean Sea has prompted shocking suggestions that maybe our antecedents were significantly more forward-looking and advanced than we initially thought.

Over 9,3000 years ago, the people from the Stone Age accomplished something rather superior to the era they belonged to.

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Namely, they managed to cut a 15-ton sedimentary rock with an incredible precision, bored holes and moved it 1,000 feet.

The monolith was discovered in back in 2012, 131 feet underwater, by researchers exploring the Mediterranean Sea floor in the Sicilian Channel between Tunisia and Sicily.

According to the scientists, this particular area fully sank under water around 9,3000 years ago. Before that, it was an archipelago of several islands.

Scientists managed to put a date on the monolith’s creation by obtaining shell pieces from its surface. They further compared them to other antique rock samples and concluded that the monolith underwent transportation since they found the same stone particles 330 yards away.

This amazing discovery may inspire the scholars to review the whole concept of the ‘technological primitivism’ among the people from the Stone Age, said the scientists.

Top: monolith’s end. Middle: side view. Bottom: view from above. (Image credit: Emanuele Lodolo / Zvi Ben-Avraham.)

Scientists believe that this monolith was man-made rather than natural considering the following facts.

First, they stated that the formation has a distinct shape and three openings with the same specific diameter. Second, it contains sedimentary rocks different from the ones in the near area.

The bare existence of this monument suggests that in this area there was an advanced human activity in the past.

Scientists still aren’t sure what was the purpose of the stone monument’s creation. However, they are certain it was important due to its location between Sicily and Tunisia.

Only the sole discovery of this underwater research area might help us to better understand the ancient civilizations. Not to mention that it notably extends our knowledge about their technological acquirement and progress.

The monolith was made of a single, huge rock, which required cutting, extraction, transport, and endowment. This indicates that our ancients undoubtedly had striking technological abilities.

We still have to learn a lot about our ancient history. However, one thing we are sure about is that technology didn’t reach its top in our era only.