Alien Invasion? Orange Light Ball Terrified Colombian Residents

Terrified villagers caught a bizarre sight of a luminous eerie light that stirred fear of an otherworldly alien invasion. The glowing ball of lights was hovering into the night sky for several minutes.

The eerie scenery took place in the town of Ocana in Norte de Santander, Colombia.

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The residents made a few videos which show how the dangerous orange radiation floats, then slowly move away until it eventually disappears into the distance.

Many villagers were able to record the glowing light, with numerous videos going viral across social media.

During that time, many of them were worried about the light and believed it was an alien spacecraft ready for an alien invasion.

Rational minds, however, concluded it is only a flare or other object on fire.

Residents in Ocana, Colombia terrified after seeing the ball of light floating in the sky (Image: CEN)

Local media and their authorities as well, are still trying to figure out what exactly happened that night. The witnesses said the orange light vanished somewhere close to the nearby town of Aguas Claras.

The conclusion from the larger part of the witnesses it was that the weird craft was doing a risk evaluation first, before attempting to land on Earth and do an alien invasion.

A man in the background shouts in Spanish: “It’s not a star. It’s not a plane. It’s Superman!”

Some people fooled around saying the sighting is proof that the end of the world was approaching, while others had more practical answers.

Facebook user Dixon Florez Castro said: “The light is from a flare parachute used during military actions.

“They illuminate large areas at night, usually for parachute landings and observational operations. Here it looks more dramatic because the sky is cloudy.”

Nevertheless, no official reasons were given whether the parachute flare is to blame for the terrifying bright light.

We present you the video so you can form your own conclusions whether it was an alien invasion or not.