The Antarctic Volcano Can Give Us Major Health Problems In The Future!

It is not a joke that the eruption of this volcano can be a great threat upon the human health as well as the infrastructures because it can be easily spread across the air. Even experts confirm that this ash has the ability to encircle the whole world leaving the human race at a threat.

Even computer models of the Antarctic volcano were made where this eruption was predicted and followed. An event such as this is a true catastrophe because it will have significant consequences to global aviation! A research such as this one is the first one ever made and the results are actually terrifying.

However, scientists claim that knowing this sooner rather than later is for the best. They also say that we pay very little attention to events like this that can put the whole human race at a threat.

We need to learn from past experiences like the one in 2010 when an eruption has made a great impact on the global economy when all the flights across Europe were grounded. The volcanic ash is an enemy to the planes which is why those decisions were made in order to protect human lives. However this event is far less dangerous than the one treating us in the future.

The eruption of the Antarctic volcano is far higher then what everyone believed until now.

Very serious researches were made and it was finally been concluded that an eruption as deadly as this happen at every 17,000 years. It was revealed that the latest great eruption of the Antarctic Volcano happened 20,000 years ago. When is the next coming?

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