Black Knight Satellite: Unknown History Behind An Object Orbiting For 50 Years

More than 6,000 satellites have been launched into space over the time’ however, none of them couldn’t even the mystery of the so-called Black Knight satellite.

The satellites, as a man-made technology, have been helping in the field of communication, navigation and research.

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Scientists estimate that currently, there are around 3,600 circling into space. One of them is the Black Knight, the source of much drama.

Some claim the Black Knight satellite is orbiting in space for around 50 years. Others argue it’s there for over 13,000 years.

One thing is sure though, its origin and mission have remained a secret. People don’t even know who was the first one to spot it. Moreover, its name even adds to the whole eerie storytelling.

Of course, something so susceptible to debates has come into the hands of the conspiracy. Namely, they believe the Black Knight satellite is associated with the otherworldly creatures.

1998’s NASA image of the object

The whole story about this object originates with Nikola Tesla. He, allegedly, heard sounds from space back in 1899, for which he believed to derive from intelligent creatures from other planets.

In 1968, astronomers indeed affirmed to have heard radio signals, but they emerged from natural objects in space.
Thus, many people believe Tesla had heard noises coming from the Black Knight satellite.

Furthermore, in 1954, newspapers such as The San Francisco Examiner, released the opinion of Donald Edward Keyhoe, ex-Marine pilot.

Keyhoe believed that extraterrestrials have already been on our planet. He also published many books regarding the topic, in which he claimed the U.S Air Force spotted two satellites orbiting the Earth in 1954 when this technology wasn’t even available to us.

There were people who doubted what Keyhoe was saying in his books because they thought he only wants to become famous.

However, his books really did inspire many thoughts about space journeys and potential alien existence.

During the Cold War, in 1960, Time Magazine published a story in which it asserted the U.S Navy has knowledge of a satellite with a weird orbit.

In the beginning, the magazine said it was a Soviet spy. However, it later said it could be a US satellite that launched into orbit.

Within the following years, many people reported seeing the Black Knight satellite. However, many of the reports came from enthusiastic journalists. A NASA scientist, Jerry Ross said that the seeing such an object is only part of a mistake.

Another scientist, senior education support officer Martina Redpath of the Armagh Planetarium in Northern Ireland said that the Black Knight is a “jumble of completely unrelated stories.”

An event in the year of 1998 could possibly explain the mystery behind this object.

During a space shuttle mission in the International Space Station (ISS), Colonel Ross and Dr. James Newman were trying to set thermal blankets to secure improvements that would decrease heat waste and save energy at the ISS.

As they tied the sheets to Col. Ross’ spacesuit, one of them was lost. When he understood it was gone, it was already far away and he was unable to recover it.

NASA said that parts regularly escape the stations during missions, just like in this case. These items usually end up as space debris.

Therefore, the object captured during the mission in 1998 known as STS-88, is popularly alleged to be the Black Knight satellite. According to the space journalist James Oberg, the thermal blanket could likely be this satellite.

However, everything remains only a speculation. While no one proves it, theories with mysterious backgrounds will emerge all the time.