GIANT “Things” Are Circling The Moon

The facts that NASA had covered a lot of these structures up, after the fact using airbrushing techniques demonstrated in some photographs we can find online.

We have done a lot of analysis on the Apollo moon missions and the footage that they captured on their way to and from the moon, showing UFOs.

Today I just felt like showing you some of my personal favorite pieces of footage showing or proving in my mind that there are massive unknown objects that have been seen traversing over the moon’s surface.

Now, in many instances we don’t see the craft itself, but the shadow of the craft .. and so in two videos that I want to start out with today I’d like to show you proof that not only is our moon, one of the most mysterious bodies in the entire solar system, but that to this day it is surrounded by its fair share of mystery UFO activity.

It’s not just down on Earth, it’s happening in space, and well, let’s get to it the first clip.

I want to show you were sent to me by an amateur astronomer who captured a triangular-shaped shadow or craft.

I’m not sure, but to me, this looks like a shadow because in this footage you can actually see the shadow moving down and wrapping around the craters on the moon as it passes by .. so that leads me to believe that this is more of a shadow.

Just watch the video and tell your opinion.