China Plans To Build Manned Lunar Palace Powered By The Sun

Until now, USA was the only country to have achieved a manned mission on the moon. However, China came to the public with its newest project to not only set foot on the moon’s surface but also to build a lunar palace settlement on it.

The Apollo 11 mission was the first manned mission on the Moon which happened in 1969. In the period between 1969 and 1972, six manned moon landings have occurred and the US was the only country so successfully accomplished that move.

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But, ever since 1972, no manned missions have happened again. The question is, if we had the necessary technology nearly a decade ago, what stops us now to return on the lunar surface again?

However, one of the major world powers, China, made an amazing progress in spaceflight in the past few years. Its wish to accomplish a manned mission the moon becomes bigger every second.

Their wish isn’t just to perform a manned mission to the moon, but also to create a lunar palace there as well.

According to China Daily, Members of the Chinese space industry stated that Beijing has a plan to raise a research station accompanied by accredited men who will do the study.

“We believe that the Chinese nation’s dream of residing in a ‘lunar palace’ will soon become a reality,” the administration said in the video.

The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) published a video in Harbin (Heilongjiang, China) in which it revealed various accomplishments. It also demonstrated its drive to develop and run that building on the moon’s surface.

The lunar palace will reportedly have many space cabins, hooked with tubes. These tubes will serve as oxygen source to its residents while working by drawing the solar energy.

Wang Liheng is a senior space scientist at the Chinese Academy of Engineering. He told China Daily that a manned lunar station important for the scientists to obtain more knowledge about the moon.

“The first step, our researchers suggest, will be sending our astronauts to the moon to perform short-term explorations,” said Wang.

CNSA didn’t tell their official date of building their so-called lunar palace. However, according to reports, they plan to investigate the two lunar poles.

Even though it’s been speculated multiple times, this is the first time China to declare in public such plan.

“The mission will enable us to discover what we haven’t known about the moon. Moreover, we can take advantage of the far side’s shield against Earth’s interference to make clearer observation into the deep space,” stated Wang.

The Chinese have even deeper ambitions. They intend to use the lunar facility as a launch pad to travel to Mars in the future.