China Is Preparing For A Revolutionary 2018 Lunar Mission

China is developing it’s Chang’e 4 lunar mission. If it turns out to be successful, it will actually be the first time a country to land on the far side of the Moon.

The Chinese space agency even intends to make an effort to grow plants and insects on the moon, tiling the path of next generation of human colonies there.

According to some reports of China, their space agency aims for a revolutionary 2018 lunar mission. Their goal is first to reach the far side of the Moon, and then to grow plants and insects on its surface.

This lunar mission is obviously one of the hardest space actions that the world has ever tried to perform.

Namely, it involves China’s Chang’e 4 craft which is supposed to be launched into space on a Long March 4C rocket.

In 2013, China’s Chang’e 3, successfully made the first soft landing on the moon since 1976. (Credit: CLEP/CNSA)

Chang’e 4’s goal is to settle on the far side of the Earth’s satellite. If this lunar mission ends up favorably, China will be the first country to descend a spacecraft on the far side of the Moon.

The Chinese Space agency reported they want to land on the South Pole-Aitken Basin. This place is a large moon zone in the southern hemisphere of the far side.

The Rover will conduct a ‘space-gardening kit’ which will ‘pave way for a human outpost’.

Furthermore, this will be accomplished by examining the lunar surface and the practicability of growing plants on its surface.

“The Chinese are pushing back the frontier with such a technically challenging mission,” said Brian Harvey, a space analyst in an interview with the Guardian.

Not only this mission but also China intends to conduct another lunar mission. Its aim will be to take samples of the surface and take them back for additional studies.

In fact, this mission’s name is Chang’e-5 and is currently facing its ultimate series of tests. Its launch will probably be in August 2018.

Many people consider China’s enormous investment in space research as a way to compete with the United States. Especially, after US president Donald Trump stated he wants to revive America’s space exploration.

However, China stated clearly that their only aim isn’t the far side of the Moon.

They also claim that they are working on a mission that would get spacecraft approach the Red Planet.

This mission will take place in 2020, with a goal to gather samples of the Mars’s surface that will undergo further examination.