Conspiracy Theorists Claim That Flying UFO Was Spotted In Russia!

These conspiracy theorists even have videos as proofs that a flying UFO with a triangle shape was flying over Russia with a fast speed.

However, some are suggesting that the object caught on camera can be just a drone and doesn’t necessarily mean it is a flying UFO.

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However, the conspiracy theorists claim that they have the best evidence for this black triangle UFO that has appeared over Russia.

They posted their videos on a Belgium YouTube channel where all the alien sightings caught on camera are posted and there are some mixed responses and reviews of the video. Some are amazed and others believe is a simple drone not worth all the attention.

It has been proved that the object cannot be a plane because mankind can never make a plane moving that fast.

Nowadays there are many people reporting alien sightings and most of them even have videos as proofs. However, not all of them are to be trusted because of Photoshop and they monitor their videos in order to get more views and even earn something. On the other hand, there are others that have real videos of alien sightings and UFOs flying objects. Most of them fly with the speed of the sound and you need to play it in slow motion in order to notice the object.

These conspiracy theorists claim that they have seen with their own eyes this triangle shaped UFO and that what they caught on the video is real and not just an airplane or drone.

It is up to you to judge and believe if this object is a flying UFO or just a simple drone.