Latest UFO Sightings Were Spotted By A USAF Veteran

This USAF veteran from Carolina has spotted and filmed the latest UFO sightings that were traveling at 18 times the speed of the sound. After he filmed this sight, he sent a copy of the video to NASA.

This happened on an ordinary day on 26 of October when the veteran was flying his drone when suddenly a very weird and undefined object flew over him with an unbelievable speed. Even later he was amazed by what he caught on the camera. These were the latest UFO sightings recorded.

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The veteran stated that with his 60 years and 30 years of practice in work he thought he had seen it all until that day. He was very excited that he had the chance to experience maybe once in a lifetime thing.

After it was analyzed the footage very clearly caught the UFO which was traveling with a speed unknown for the human race. It traveled 18 times faster than the sound which is pretty incredible!

It has been stated that these latest UFO sightings are holding the record of the fastest UFO filmed on the lands of Carolina!

Just for getting a perspective you should know about the fastest man-made object was built by DARPA as a part of the FALCON project. This object needs to be launched with a rocket in order to achieve the highest possible speed. On the other hand, the flying UFO filmed by this veteran in Carolina defies the laws of physics! It flies so fast that if you play the video at normal speed, you will not even catch the UFO just because you blinked two or three times! One needs to watch this video in slow motion in order to see it!