Elon Musk Is Sending His Cars To Mars. Literally!

Apparently, he doesn’t have what else to do so he makes this rather bizarre announcement on Twitter that he will launch his newly mega racket and he will place his Tesla car inside it in order to deliver it to Mars. Well, he is Elon Musk after all.

The launch of this rocket has been continuingly delayed but it is believed that after it is launched it will be the most powerful rocket currently in operation.

However, even Elon Musk himself has openly admitted that this very first launch is actually very risky and that there is the chance it will explode right there when it launches.

A statement such as this actually creates doubts to the people that this rocket will even work and if it will really launch. Elon Musk himself makes a joke that his rocket would be deep in space for billion years after it is launched or so if it doesn’t blow up.

His announcement on Twitter go extremely viral actually and raised multiple questions but the most common was, Why? Why do you have the need to fly out a Tesla car in a mega rocket to Mars?
Elon Musk’s answer was pretty simple. He said that he wanted this car to land on Mars and be discovered by some alien race millions of years in the future.

Yet, most of the people believe that he is actually not being serious but joking. But in addition to this, other companies have confirmed that Elon Musk is being serious.

For Elon Musk, we must say this is not going to be surprised because he is a showman and he has done other very crazy things! However, putting a Tesla car in a rocket is far more impressive than everything else!