Fiorentina UFOs: Multiple UFOs Stopped A Football Game

In October of 1954, the football match between the Italian teams Fiorentina and Pistoiese was disrupted by something rather mysterious. And up until today, these Fiorentina UFOs remain to be one of the most mysterious UFO cases in the world.

Around 10 thousand people watching the game at the Artemio Franchi stadium witnessed a massive UFO sighting.

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Finally, the football match had to be postponed “because the spectators saw something in the sky” read the official report of the match referee.

Image Credit: Giornale Del Mattino

One of the players, defender Ardico Magnini, a popular player at the time who also played the World Cup of 1954, also gave a statement.

“I remember everything from A to Z,” he said.

“It was something that looked like an egg that was moving slowly, slowly, slowly. Everyone was looking up and also there was some glitter coming down from the sky, silver glitter.”

“We were astonished we had never seen anything like it before. We were absolutely shocked.”

Magnini also remembered how a very strange sticky material fell on the stadium’s ground.

The rest of the people who saw the spectacle described seeing not one but many objects hovering in the sky.

La Nazione’s headline says: Glass fibers fall on Tuscan cities after globes and flying saucers pass by. Low headline: The sighting over Florence (with a photograph, now lost)

In the days that went next, there were reports of many similar UFOs near the area. Moreover, the sticky matter the footballer described didn’t only fall on the stadium, but it covered a bigger part of Florence too.

Those who actually had the chance to feel it said it felt like cotton, however, it was ungraspable as it dissolved on touch.

Years later, scientists came out with an explanation for the Fiorentina UFOs. They said it could have been a large network of interconnected webs which emerged in the sky as globes, shining by the reflection of the Sun considering that is how spiders migrate.

The material the Fiorentina UFOs allegedly left behind was also a subject of a laboratory analysis. The elements they had within didn’t match those found in spider webs.

Hence, until this very same day, this UFO event remains a complete mystery without a concrete answer.