Are Humans Actually Aliens on Earth?

If you believe in evolution and dig deeper, you will eventually understand that us humans, we may not be native on this earth. You may also start doubting if what we really are, are aliens on Earth. Of course, if you believe in such thing.

There are even some evidence if this strange theory and a lot of events that are connected.

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For example, in 2015 a rock that was shooting out biological material has been discovered. Some of the scientists that researched this event believe that the material which was shot out most definitely contained genetic material. They believed this material was sent from an unknown civilization in order to keep seeding this planet we call Earth with new life.

Other researchers analyzed this rock by its biological contents. They firmly state that this rock is the evidence of the existence of other civilizations. They even believe that these civilizations are beyond intelligent and super-smart and that they are watching us. Do you believe this? Do you believe that there are some other intelligent species watching over us? Do you believe that we are actually the aliens on Earth?

These discoveries are connected to the fact that there is a missing planet out in the universe. This fact raised a lot of new questions. For example, are we descendants of that other missing planet? Or are there some of them among us? How can we know for sure that we are not the aliens on earth? How can we be sure that we are not the ones we are so scared of?

Some scientists even believe that Mars was once inhabited. They even believe that the human life was born from there thanks to Panspermia which is a mechanism that allows the biology to spread across the universe. These people really believe that we, as the human race was inhabited on Earth just because some rocks from Mars were kicked off and landed just here on Earth.

Other beliefs are that some aliens which escaped from other planet came here on this one and inhabited it. The beliefs are that this world was made from scratch by others that ran off their planet. Which eventually makes us the aliens on Earth right?

There are plenty of books that explain why we are not compatible with this planet and why the human life is not suited here. Which again confirms the fact that we originated from a whole different planet.

While others are not convinced that we are the aliens on Earth but that there really are aliens among us and that they are a threat to humanity. They believe that aliens can manipulate humans and our genetics in order to create artificial mutations. Which again leads to the conclusion that we might really be a product of aliens and that we are here because of them and for them.

There are plenty of great mysteries in this world which will probably stay forever unveiled, just as there are too many questions and very little answers.