Hybrids Of Human And Alien Really Do Exist On Earth!

A scientist, who is an alien expert, swears that he has proofs that aliens have been implanting DNA in pregnant humans in secret for years! He believes that the hybrids of human and alien really do exist and he shares a lot of facts that are very convincing.

His name is Miguel Mendoca and he believes that this newly formed hybrid community would be vital for the human race in the future. He says that these alien help us human evolve into higher beings. As for himself, he admits that he suffers from a very rare condition that causes neurological problems and muscle pains and yet when near and in contact with these hybrids he admits he feels better and relieved but not all cured.

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Miguel even had a publication called “Meet the Hybrids” In which he interviews people who claim that they grew up with an implanted DNA in their bodies. Every one of these people believes that they have a mission to improve the mankind.

After listening to every one of their stories Miguel was fully convinced that these people really are human and alien hybrids. However, he states that after all this time he realized the true reason of why aliens exist or why they come on Earth. He truly believes that aliens want to help us improve on many levels. As for the hybrids, he states that they are here in order to awake the human race. They raise the vibration as well as the energy flow. For the people implanted with alien DNA, they say that is the best thing that ever happened to them.

You may wonder how did Miguel figure all this out and if it is really true? Because of that, he explained to the public the process of how he interviewed all the hybrids and he exposed all the facts that lead to the undeniable truth that there really are human and alien hybrids.

First, he said that he prepared a list of questions he asked and made sure to ask every single one of them the same. After he interviewed most of them he came to a fascinating realization that all of them answer the same when it came to questions such as: Why are you here? What is your mission? Do you feel different and how?

What is even more interesting is the fact that most of them are even aware of them being implanted with an alien DNA and they believe that it is a blessing. They are convinced that their task is to help the human race evolve and lift the energy up. They believe that such thing of creating hybrids is very normal.

It is up to us if we believe in this very interesting theory of the existence of hybrids whose purpose on this Earth is to better the frequency and lift the energy up through vibrations in order to upgrade the human race and help mankind evolve. Just amazing!