NASA Finds A Vast Rectangular Formation Under The Moon’s Surface

The Moon and the Red Planet have been a subject of a lot of interest since always. Many ufologists have detected plentiful peculiarities and potential formations under the surface. The last research led to an enormous rectangular formation under the lunar surface.

As per many, these structures could be man-made or extraterrestrial or nothing from above. However, no one provided concrete proof, until now.

The Moon, in particular, always had a shade of mystery regarding many aspects. Opinions vary from those who think that it was manufactured in the Solar System to those who believe it exists way ahead of our Earth and that mankind has never, in fact, been there.

A former eminent US official described what he detected while performing supervising experiments.

He said that the moon ‘rang like a bell’ when it was being stroked with a meteorite-sized artificial object or when an equal of a vast quantity of TNT was blasted on it.

He believes that a metallic sphere formation lies under the Moon’s surface, displacing its usual natural core.

Presently, an official research reveals wide cracks all through a large Moon region called the Ocean of Storms. The series of lines measured over 2,000 miles in length.

Scientists, considering the astounding extent of the cracks, chose to zoom out and take a scenic glance at the pictures. The first thing they spotted was that the rifts depict an enormous rectangular formation.

Initially, the scientists thought the rectangular formation appeared due to a harsh impact of an asteroid. However, ultimately, they draw to close that they resulted from a seismic or volcanic activity, indicating that the Moon is much older than we think.

This recent research led ufologists to an opinion that NASA is doing something behind our backs. They believe that the space agency is doing something to the moon but prefers to keep it a secret from the public.

“Grail has revealed features on the moon that no one anticipated before we had this data in hand. One can only wonder what might lie hidden beneath the surfaces of all the other planets in the solar system. The pattern of gravity anomalies on the moon is so strikingly geometric and in such an unexpected shape that it is forcing us to think in new and different ways about the processes operating on the moon.” – Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna, an important planetary scientist.

In the meanwhile, the ufologists await for a more transparent public disclosure. Until then, everything is up to the space agency.