Shocking Claim: The South African Meteorite Was Actually An Alien Spaceship

According to many claims, the South African meteorite that recently crashed was, in fact, an alien spaceship and NASA is trying to false it front as a natural occurrence.

A footage showing the South African meteorite known as ZLAF9B2 has gained a lot of online popularity. факторы успеха при монтаже систем оборудования. Доставка букетов цветов в Зудилово Служба доставки среди цветов.

On the video, you can see a fireball blasting off and reaching Earth with a vast speed. It finally explodes somewhere between Ottosdal and Hartbeesfontein, South Africa. The ‘thing’ then falls on the ground close to a farm, however, no object was later retrieved.

Due to these facts, conspiracists started speculating that the South African meteorite was actually a UFO that lost its direction.

Namely, Tyler Glockner, a UFO investigator who manages the YouTube channel ‘Secureteam10’, came up with another alternative theory regarding the strange event. His theory definitely doesn’t involve a meteorite.

According to him, NASA already knew about the space object nine hours before the event which is extremely weird.

As we said before, no objects appeared on the site of the collision. Therefore, Glockner says, it was not a meteorite but rather another flying object.

As per him, even animals started escaping out of the woods following the alleged alien contact.

The video became a hit and it has already drawn over 350,000 views. Observers from all over the world are commenting on this spectacular phenomenon.

One said: “It looks like a cigar-shaped spacecraft plummeting.”

Another added: “It looks like it has its own force field.”