NASA Hacker Discovers USA Has Fully Operational Space Warships

Gary McKinnon, a hacker who broke into NASA‘s files, reveals he came across the ultimate knowledge that proves the US has a secret space program operated by fully operational space warships.

This hacker is facing a ten-year legal fight for breaking into NASA’s computers.

In an interview published on the UFO channel Richplanet TV, McKinnon opens his soul about his discoveries.

“I kept going for months and months. I kept thinking, ‘they’ are going to close this door,” he said.

McKinnon said he managed to find out this information by using a Landsearch software. With its help, he managed to search through NASA‘s folders.

“I scanned and looked for documents, I found an Excel spreadsheet which said, ‘Non-terrestrial officers’.”

Furthermore, he described the spreadsheet having ranks, names and material transfer between ships. That was the moment he assumed the ships in question are actually space warships.

Gary McKinnon is currently facing a hard battle of accuses by the United States. His hacking involved breaking into the computers of the US Army, Airforce, Navy and of course – NASA.

As can be seen, in the video of the interview, McKinnon explained a conversation from a former NASA snitch, Donna Hare.

Allegedly, another colleague told Hare that NASA has been airbrushing UFOs from their photos to try to hide the truth from the public.

“There was a colleague, who was in another room – they all had secret clearance but they were on different projects – and she (Hare) was in this chap’s lab, or room or whatever it is and he said come and take a look at this,” said McKinnon.”

Many people consider this story as an extravagant fabrication. But on the other hand, in the public appeared many NASA and government representatives who supported the claims of McKinnon.

According to the reports from a former Marine, not only have humans have been to Mars in the past but they have also developed a secret space program and a navy that operates in space.

This Marine calls himself as Captain Kaye and says he was part of a Mars Defence Form.

Moreover, he said he allegedly remained on Mars for three years and his duty was to protect the five human colonies from domestic life forms there.

There are many UFO experts who firmly believe NASA is hiding delicate information from the large mass. They believe the statements by these individuals are real and that we really need to fear. Do you think NASA really has space warships?