The Obscure ‘Door Of The Gods’ Of Hayu Marca, Peru

Ever since the ancient times, the famous region so-called Hayu Marca, Peru, has been regarded as the ‘City of the Gods ‘by the local communities.

According to an old foretelling, an obscure door near Lake Titicaca, Peru, would eventually open and free the pass of the gods who will come back in their cosmic ships.

Before you say this tale is nothing but an old legend, we need to tell you there is indeed a very similar door as mentioned in the story. It is located in the remote area of Hayu Marca, 35 km from the city of Puno, Peru.

Considering this area is very isolated, there haven’t been many explorations that will point towards a city. However, there are rocky structures that parallel buildings, dinosaurs, and other man-made formations.

The strange door was found by coincidence by the local trip guide José Luis Delgado Mamani.

Curiously, Delgado Mamani sad that long time he was having dreams of this structure. According to him, he was dreaming of a door coated with pink marble and statues on each side of the route.

Moreover, he described seeing a smaller door inside the large one and a glowing blue light beaming from within somehow creating a shiny tunnel.

Mamani’s alleged foresight does match the reality in one way or another. The weird structure really has a miniature door within.

These visions of Mamani also share a link with the prophecies of the ancient Indians. Namely, they saw this door as the entrance of the Gods.

According to another legend, during the time of the Spanish triumph, an Inca priest of the temple of the seven rays, Aramu Muru, escaped with a holy golden disk known as “the key of the gods of the seven rays”.

He apparently disappeared hiding in the mountains of Hayu Marca in order not to give away this disk.

The priest later arrived at the door, showing the key to numerous shaman priests in the area.

Following a ritual, they opened the door which radiated blue light. The priest Aramu Muru delivered the golden disk to one of the priests. Then, he walked through the door never to be seen again.

After performing studies on the structure, scientists found a tiny round hole on the right side of the entrance. They believe this place is just adequate to set a small disk.

People who have visited Hayu Marca have stated various miraculous assertions. Many claim they felt a large energy surge through their bodies after touching the small door.

Moreover, many of them reported seeing stars, fire and music sounds which they define as “rhythmic, unusual and extraordinary”.

There is also a relation between the door in Hayu Marca and a declassified document by the FBI. This document, so-called ‘The Vault’ states creatures from other dimensions have been on Earth.

Due to the fact that Peru is a country famous for UFO activity, having such movement in Hayu Marca wouldn’t be a surprise.