Is This Picture Proof Pterodactyls Existed During The American Civil War

The photographs dating back to the American Civil War in 1864 are most likely one of the greatest records that pterodactyls were present in the human’s past.

In such wise, we couldn’t help but ask, is this just another internet hoax or a real image of pterodactyls?

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The mysterious picture hides even a more mysterious story. Namely, it tells how soldiers managed to bring down a giant flying creature whilst the American Civil War near the city of Vicksburg.

In a sudden development of the story, a second photograph surfaced on the Internet, showing a strongly resembling view.

However, this picture was only a creation of a television program named FreakyLinks, which broadcasted on the Fox network from 2000 to 2001. The false picture illustrates a few soldiers standing on the body of another similar being.

On the left is the genuine pterodactyls photograph from the civil war, and on the right is the FreakyLinks false photo

There are two alterations of the picture

There are countless forums all over the internet that have tried to solve the mystery behind the image. Scientists claim the creature has been extinct for at least 65 million years. Yet, according to the picture, it allegedly must have shown up in 1864 also.

Experts in the field of photography believe the first picture is actually authentic and real. On the other hand, they claim the FreakyLinks photo is obviously a photoshopped version of the original.

Among the public, this photo became very mainstream. It even has its own website dedicated to it. Live Pterosaur, the actual website, grants a true experience in Cryptozoology.

According to the website,the ideas presented in this “Live Pterosaur” site relate mostly to eyewitness accounts: real-life encounters with creatures called “prehistoric” or “pterodactyls-like.” Expect few references to fossils. Enter these pages with an open mind and compare points of view. Whether you consider yourself an evolutionist or creationist, or just a curiosity, you might find yourself sympathizing with at least one of the ideas. If you leave this site disbelieving in living pterosaurs, however, know that some people do believe in living pterosaurs: Intelligent, educated people, can disbelieve in total extinction of pterosaurs.

Jonathan Whitcomb, a cryptozoologist, is the man who maintains this website. He offers an abundance of knowledge and alleged sighting accounts regarding the pterodactyls.

Altogether, is the image authentic or not?

According to the website Modern Pterosaur, the first picture is actually the one that is genuine. Whitcomb gave plenty of reasons to back up this theory.

According to the writer, at first sight, the wings of the Pterosaur appeared fallacious. Some people said they looked like fragments of a canoe. However, a man who claims to be an expert in canoes contacted Whitcomb via email saying:

“I’m 67 years old and remember this photo from when I was young. I’ve canoed all my life. I’ve owned several of them. Those aren’t halves of a canoe! Too narrow, too shallow. And not a dugout canoe!”

As Whitcomb further said: “The solar shadows tie the soldier’s boot to the animal, and a number of details in the head, neck, and other areas—those correlate well with the anatomy of a Pteranodon.”

Clearly, there were also several doubters, such as Loen Colman. This American cryptozoologist believes the picture is a fraud.

Another man, Glen Kuban, also agreed the civil war picture and the one from FreakyLinks were both results of photoshop.

However, despite the all the drama revolving around the antique photo called PTP, two scientists in January 2017 allegedly declared it authentic.