Real UFO Sightings Captured On Camera

UFO sightings have been reported during all our history and almost in every part of the world. They continue to put through the wringer mysterious about potential life on other planets and whether otherworldly creatures have visited Earth.

UFOs grew to be one of the foremost topics of interest and inspiration for many enthusiasts to write books about them.

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Namely, the whole field of ufology involves reports, visual recordings and much more data. All of this evidence is basically connected with the unidentified flying objects.

Many amateurs and professional investigators took the heat of analyzing this phenomenon.

Back in 1973, Peter A. Sturrock carried a survey among members of the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Answers were varying from “impossible” to “certain” in reply to the question, “Do UFOs represent a scientifically significant phenomenon?”

The questionnaire had many answers; however, they didn’t reach an agreement whether the phenomena is real or not.

A later survey conveyed among the members of the American Astronomical Society. Sturrock discovered that 23% replied ‘certainly’, 30% ‘probably’, 27% ‘possibly, 17% ‘probably not’ and 3% ‘certainly not’, as an answer to the question whether the UFO dilemma justifies scientific study.

In the same survey, Mr. Sturrock asked the ‘examined people’ have ever witnessed such an event. Only 5% answered ‘yes’.

UFO sightings reports have ranged broadly in reliability, depending on the number of witnesses, the observing conditions and the direction of the sighting. For instance, there are cases of alien abductions that often associate with UFO cases.

In the video below, there are multiple UFO sightings that also qualify as best documented cases in the UFO history. Watch it and enjoy the mystery.