Three Breathtaking Discoveries That Prove Our History Books Are Wrong

History classes teach us one thing, yet, the new world breathtaking discoveries don’t stop to make us wonder whether what we learn in school is a complete truth. Or maybe our history books are missing something really important.

Within our planet, there is an abundance of breathtaking discoveries which tend to show us that in fact, history ‘got into mischief’. These discoveries don’t add up to the story of the dominant archaeologists and historians.

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1.Ancient Maps which indicate prehistoric civilizations navigated the Earth.

Definitely the most important of all breathtaking discoveries are the ancient maps. Not just any, but the ones that oppose the claims of the mainstream historians.

These maps suggest prehistoric cultures found continents for which historians say were discovered not so long ago.

For instance, the Oronce Finé World Map is an old projection which includes the Antarctic continent illustrated along with its southern side around 300 years before researchers and historians think they’ve found it.

Moreover, the Piri Resi map which originates from 1520. This map not only depicts Antarctica free of ice but also demonstrates the geography of the American Continent with an extraordinary accuracy.

Lehudi Ibn ben Zar made cartographical maps which depict islands in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. These islands still exist even now, however, located underwater. Thus, this implies to the eminent fact our planet had much more different geology back then when the map was created.

2. Ancient Egyptians traveled the earth and arrived in Australia.

Researchers discovered series of weird glyphs in Australia which made them conclude Ancient Egyptian sailors actually went to this present-day continent.

These mysterious glyphs were called the Gosford Glyphs and many historians categorized them as fake.

However, they characterize with a really outstanding writing technique. Local inhabitants described them as ancient writings that belong to the earliest dynasties.

Egyptologists like Mohamed Ibrahim and Khemit School Co-Director Yousef Abd’el Hakim Awyan dedicated their life to examining ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Ibrahim and Awyan worked with a crew of people to decipher the mysterious illustrations. They discovered that the hieroglyphs in Australia are genuine.

Furthermore, the anonymous authors used correctly many ancient hieroglyphs which weren’t present in Egyptian hieroglyphics up until 2012.

3. Traces of cocaine within the Ancient Egyptian mummies.

Definitely, as we said before, one of the main conflicts between mainstream and the ‘other’ researchers is whether the ancient Egyptians actually traveled around the globe and established contacts with other civilizations.

And then one of the most breathtaking discoveries emerged and made us put a finger on our foreheads. This discovery associated the ancient Egyptians with the Ancient American Civilizations.

In 1992, a German researcher was examining Ancient Egyptian mummies. He found traces of hashish, tobacco, and cocaine in the hair skin and bones.

Yes, the hashish could have originated from Asia because they had trade roads with Egypt. However, tobacco and cocaine were shrubs which were only available in the ‘New World’ at that time.

This discovery was so controversial, so the German scientists decided to conduct another ‘independent’ laboratory analysis. The results were exactly the same.