Royal Astronomer, Lord Martin Rees, Says Aliens Are Powerful Robotic Creatures

According to the Queen’s personal astronomer, Lord Martin Rees, the aliens are actually electronic creatures with such a dominion that even dethroned their leaders.

Lord Martin Rees is the astronomer of the British Royalty. Lately, he revealed some seriously dangerous depictions of how he believes the alien look like.

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Namely, he materialized the extraterrestrial world with electronic creatures which will have succeeded their original masters.

Rees said that the alien beings will have no connection nor resemblance with humanity. On the contrary, when they take over the world, they will even overthrow their own creators.

“My guess is that if we do detect an alien intelligence, it will be nothing like us,” he said.

The 74-year-old astronomer said that it would be “extremely unlikely” to find aliens that resemble humankind.

He defined “organic intelligence” as a “thin sliver” between the earliest degrees of life and the powerful period of machines.

Even the famous scientist Stephen Hawking has made some warnings. He mentioned the danger aliens pose to Earth if we ever reach an alien contact. He also warned about the impact artificial intelligence will have on humanity.

“My guess is that if we do detect an alien intelligence, it will be nothing like us. It will be some sort of electronic entity,” said Lord Martin Rees in an interview at Trinity College.

“In other words, the period of time occupied by organic intelligence is just a thin sliver between early life and the long era of the machines.

“Because such civilizations would develop at different rates, it’s extremely unlikely that we will find intelligent life at the same stage of development as us.”

The status of having an astronomer in the British royalty started existing in 1675 and was modeled by King Charles II. Furthermore, the royal astronomer is an official member of the Royal Household.

Lord Rees has made some warnings in the past too. He said that Earth requires an asteroid to defend humankind from a mass destruction.