Shocking Claim Reptilian Aliens Will Provoke A Global War In Europe

As per the newest theory that flared up the internet, a tyrant race of Reptilian aliens is organizing events that will provoke a global war in Europe.

The very sought-after Reptilian theory is a popular belief among many conspiracists. According to them, the world is under control of shape-shifting reptiles.

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However, as it’s enough, this hypothesis was recently tagged along with the fears of a possible World War 3.

There is a very mysterious video on YouTube from the user 2Circles/Archive. It describes how Reptilian shape-shifters are creating global conflicts in order to hide their presence.

The video says: “The Reptilian parasites know that humanity is waking up to their existence and presence.

“That’s why the need the Third World War as a distraction. That’s the sole reason for this irrational conflict.”

We haven’t heard anything about a possible war between the global leaders. However, the video strongly emphasizes that humans are, in fact, in a battle with otherworldly creatures.

It says: “It’s Reptilians versus humans — not humans versus humans. Not the West versus Russia.”

According to the conspiracy theorist David Meade, Russia has the power to root out the US in a matter of half an hour. This peculiar case arrived following his speculative claim.

Mr. Meade, for whom we wrote an article recently expressing his worries over the consequences of the so-called Nibiru or Planet X, still believes the US doesn’t have enough equipment to shield itself from a possible war with Russia.

He said: “American hegemony is effectively over for all practical purposes. Russia is not looking for World War 3, but is fully prepared should it come about.”

The Reptilian creatures are allegedly humanoid aliens that can alter their appearance. They are also famous as the Draconians, Saurians or Reptiloids.

The Reptilian theory has the support of many prominent analysts. One of them is David Icke, who thinks that many of the powerful global rulers are actually Reptilians.

As per Icke, the Reptilians, in particular, those that drink blood, come from the Alpha Draconis star system and are currently hiding in shelters deep down the ground.

The YouTube video of 2CirclesArchive claims humankind is right on the edge of uncovering the manipulative nature of these beings.

The video says: “Pass it on and tell everyone. The internet is controlled. Call people in Ukraine randomly.

“Google for a phonebook of Ukraine and call people and businesses and tell them all politicians are Reptilians.

“They want the Third World War. Search on the internet. I love you. Hurry, time is running out.”

However, there is still no solid evidence to sustain the Reptilian conspiracy theory.