Russia Reveals That Antarctica Is Not What We Thought It Is!

This big reveal was apparently top secret because Russia and USA both were aware of what Antarctica really is and they never told the truth until now.

Well as they reveal now, another continent is located under the ice od Antarctica. Some people even believe that there lies the fallen angelic civilization which has the world’s greatest leaders interested. Now, there is a ban on Antarctica and is no wonder why they have kept this important discovery a top secret.

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When the Russian scientists were in Antarctica, they battled this creature called Organism 46b.

This creature is actually very dangerous because first it paralyzes its prey with venom and it tears the prey into pieces.

A creature such as this one proves some theories of the ancient that there really are monsters hiding under the waves.

For what is more, Russian scientists have discovered that under the ice of Antarctica there are hundreds of lakes that are not frozen but liquid with fresh water which has been isolated for over 10 million years.

Russian scientists even drilled a hole through the ice in order to reach the biggest lakes of them all which took them about 10 years. Through the hole, they have installed an elevator with whom a team of 8 people got underneath the ice of Antarctica and revealed the hidden lakes.

It was then while the scientists researched the area the very scary and never before seen creature now famous as Organism 46b was revealed.

They described the creature as a giant octopus but with 14 arms. This creature can paralyze you with its venom even from 150 feet distance. One of the crew members from Russia was murdered by this creature.

After studying this creature the researchers say that the resemblance between Organism 46b and the Mimic Octopus from the Indo-Pacific is very obvious because this creature also has remarkable powers of camouflage. The mimic octopus can take whatever form of other species and hide itself yet the organism 46b takes this amazing possibility one step further.

This creature was witnessed by a crew member to have the ability to change its form into human diver! Yes, this really is true, no wonder why this revelation was kept as a top secret for so long!
Unfortunately, the witness was also murdered by this creature because he fooled him into thinking he is just another crew member.

Because of this horrific event, the crew has decided to capture this creature once and for all. They got the tank and the equipment and they had their only female crew member to lure the creature but not because she was a woman but because of her incredible techniques and abilities to defend herself.

This great and pretty scary action in the Antarctica was a success and the creature was captured. The Russians took Organism 46b to explore and research its capabilities as well as its venom. Nothing more about the amazing world existing underneath the Antarctica is yet known.