Thanks To Apollo 17, NASA Filmed Humans Leaving The Moon 42 Years Ago

42 years ago, when the Apollo 17 took off the ground a camera started recording all the moves in the universe and the spacecraft. This was established all thanks to the camera that NASA constructed on the lunar rover. The greatest thing about this camera is the fact that it could be controlled from the earth.

This sounds like a pretty good technology for half a decade ago, doesn’t it? However, it took years of research and construction and three failures to get it right.

NASA admitted that this camera was placed in all Apollo 17 and the other two 15 and 16. Even though there was a pretty big delay on the signals between the moon and the earth, NASA recorded everything that has happened in the spacecraft since they were first installed.

While the cameras were up there, the engineers have suggested that they tried to bring and uplift the cameras in order to automatically tilt off to show the lunar liftoff.

Well, that was just the plan which never got fully accomplished. On the Apollo 15, the gear malfunctioned and the camera could never move upfront and because of that, the lunar module slipped from the camera view. When they tried to do the same thing on Apollo 16 they partly succeeded because they managed to get a look of the lunar module but the astronauts have parked a little too close so they never got the full image.

NASA admits that this procedure was extremely complex and it took a lot of patience and time.

After two failures they have decided to investigate a lot more before installing the camera on Apollo 17. They have previously predicted the trajectory of the lunar module and placed the camera in the right place so that it could track the movement.

This went partly successful but it is all we got!