Is The 1890’s ‘Giant In Japan’ Video Proof Nephilim Exist?

One of the strangest videos that ever surfaced online is the video showing a giant in Japan, standing among the crowd. The footage appeared somewhat 11 years ago and ever since then, it remained perplexing for many people.

About the video showing a giant in Japan, there were claims it was shot back in 1890. It immediately showed up in every headline in the world and made people reconsider the likelihood that giants are actually between us.

Подробности тротуарная плитка из резиновой крошки у нас.

Of course, when we mention giants, it’s inevitable not to discuss the Nephilim and the Bible. There are so many legends and stories which bring to mind one thing: giants were real and they were walking on this Earth.

Many people have convinced the giant in Japan is one of the key proofs we need to prove the Nephilim are real.

So many believers look even for the slightest piece of information to add up to their imagination. We can’t blame it. It’s the single fusion of wonder and fascination.

Despite the many videos and skeletons that indicate that giants were real, this footage is proved not to be one of them.

Indeed, it is intriguing to think someone really filmed a giant in Japan walking among the public. However, the truth is the video is barely ten years old.

But, its strangeness made it so viral, people didn’t reconsider whether it was actually real or not. They just spread it.

Dan Evon who researched the mystery Giant video for Snopes decided to investigate the true nature of the video.

He wrote in his article for Snopes; “Some people have claimed that the footage comes from the early 1800s (decades before the film was invented), while others say that it shows a giant sumo wrestler in a parade. Still, others maintain that the video really shows a Biblical Nephilim giant.”

The real truth is that the footage is 11 years old. It is only a movie scene from the 2007’s movie Big Man Japan. This movie features a broad variety of weird beings.

Still, we don’t say giants don’t exist. There is an abundance of other accounts and discoveries that point out that fact.

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