Conspiracy Theorists Freak Out Over Google Earth’s Red X Mark Beneath Antarctica

A bizarre sighting of a large X mark in a Google Earth‘s image of Antarctica has provoked wild claims that someone is trying to bring up a secret base under the icy continent’s ground.

Viewers are commenting non-stop the video uploaded by the YouTube channel, Conspiracy Depot. They express a deep curiosity over the mysterious X mark over Antarctica.

People's KETO Sverige bestille

People believe someone at Google tries to warn us there is something weird going on over the frosty land.

“Is it a glitch? Or is somebody at Google showing ‘X marks the spot?”

The statement next to the video says: “Looking through Google Earth tonight when I noticed a huge red X mark pointing to an area in Antarctica.”

The video shows the icy continent before the voice behind the recording describes what happens further. As the weather frame is added to the image, abruptly everything changes.

A large red X mark shows up across the South Pole together with an arrow which seems to aim at something in the middle of Antarctica.

The YouTuber detected the bizarre X mark in Antarctica

The footage then zooms in to determine what could be lurking in this secret location. However, all we can see is a white landscape.

The channel which posted the video doesn’t explain its possible theories what could be hiding out there.

However, this discovery only adds to the excitement of the alleged sighting of a spaceship crash UFO pursuers claimed they saw on Google Earth in Antarctica recently.

No matter if something hides there or not, one thing we know for sure. Antarctica is full of secrets that manage to amaze every human being on this planet. And unquestionably, more of those secrets are coming in our near future.

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