20,000-Year-Old Transformer Discovered in Kosovo

Ismet Smaili, a researcher, found a mysterious object in the mountains of Kosovo. The artifact appears to be a transformer or a unique stone with an integrated electromagnetic coil.

The researcher gave a representation of the stone and discovered it’s amazing 20,000 years old.

Moreover, the coil of copper conductors is not only implanted into the cut channel, but it also makes a whole complex body with the stone.

It looks like the creator melted this stone to form the necessary shape of a transformer.

In like manner, the transformer found in Kosovo also carries a non-transmitter with a structure different from the encircling material. In addition, it has curved lines in a circle which look like a type of carving.

On the other side of the stone, there are 4 symmetrical openings which represent blanks for the wires. They probably gather the energy from the transformer.

This puzzling ancient artifact can enlighten the origins of human history, only if scientists decide to officially explore to confirm it is indeed an electrical transformer.

The photographer who found it says that he intends to present this stone to the experts. However, there is a high chance due to its history-changing nature, we will never see it again or read the results of their studies.