Iron Artifacts From Bronze Age Have Extraterrestrial Origin

Turns out Bronze Age civilizations managed to produce iron weapons with a little help from the Universe. Why? Well, experts found proof their iron artifacts have an extraterrestrial origin.

French scientist Albert Jambon has been developing his latest study dedicated to analyzing various iron artifacts from the of the bronze civilizations.

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His discoveries, published in the Journal of Archaeological Science, imply that many of these iron artifacts, in fact, have an extraterrestrial origin. Specifically, they were built from meteorites from beyond our planet.

These artifacts include: Stones from Gerzeh in Egypt (3200 BCE), a dagger from Alaca Höyük in Turkey (2500 BCE), an ornament from Umm el-Marra in Syria (2300 BCE), an axe from Ugarit in Syria (1400 BCE), artifacts from the Shang dynasty civilization in China (1400 BCE) and the dagger of the famous Tutankhamun (1350 BCE).

Mr. Jambon used X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy only to discover that the iron artifacts most likely have a meteorite composition.

Jambon suggests many bronze age iron artifacts have a cosmic origin. (Credit: © B. Devouard)

In particular, scientists were able to achieve this knowledge by looking out evidence of nickel within the composition.

To clarify, in the formation of the astral bodies, practically all the nickel floats down to the hot iron matter. Therefore, it is very uncommon to detect nickel in the surface of the iron’s metal.

If the iron has a high percentage of nickel and cobalt, then it came from a meteorite, not from iron which locates on Earth‘s surface.

Jambon’s study focused on the geochemical origin of the iron artifacts. He didn’t go deeper into their cultural background.

Nevertheless, it is logical to presume that the meteoritic iron artifacts belonged to the elite of the ancient societies.

He also noted that by the Iron Age, people totally deserted the meteoritic iron. Namely, then they discovered how to extract iron metal themselves.

We recently wrote how scientists discovered the dagger of the famous Tutankhamun had a meteoritic origin.

The researchers on that project said the use of meteors suggests ancient people were aware they ‘fell from the sky’.