Shocking News: Never Seen Before Rain Could Result In Antarctica Melting

Scientists are worried about the possibility of Antarctica melting. Could the icy continent be snowy no more?

Global warming has been quite a concern over the past few years. Reports of Arctic ice caps melting faster, tornadoes and other disasters are just a few out of the consequences we have to suffer. One of the biggest worries of the scientists is the possibility of Antarctica melting. KETO XP France купить KETO.

Environmental activists like David Suzuki is, are doing everything in their power to appraise the world about the outcomes of the things humankind is doing to nature.

Seemingly, their informing isn’t enough for the world to get their message effectively.

It was discovered that there is rain in Antarctica although this continent is famous for its icy climate conditions. These news sound irrelevant; however, Antarctica melting faster than it should it’s a big problem.

For example, 2016 was marked with the event of the Ross Ice Shelf melting in a short period of 15 days.

During this period, 300,000 square miles of ice melted into the sea. Consequently, these melts could cause rising ocean levels and cities could flood easily.

Antarctic expert David Bromwich mentions that the rain contributes “a possible glimpse of the future.”

The ice is melting at a slow speed today, but the warm water which comes, as a result, could melt the rest of it. It’s the famous domino effect that could melt the solid ice shelves inside the ocean.

Could we blame El Niño?

One of the theories explaining the rain in Antarctica is the happening of El Niño.

Namely, El Niño is bringing heat to the area and moist air from the ocean as well and transfers it to the Ross Ice Shelf and other parts of Antarctica.

Probably, the most frightful consequence of this event is that it causes rain in Antarctica.

Antarctica melting and losing its ice comes along with the theory that there will be 4 feet sea level increase. Imagine what kind of a flood would this cause to the rest of the world.

However, there is a still hope in this derangement. There is still some time left for us to take a step and save the mother Earth.

If we don’t manage to do that, the human race will disappear from the planet within estimated 23 days. After that, the Earth will restore to its previous condition.