Astronaut Tries To Hide A UFO Seen On International Space Station Live Feed

Conspiracy theorists went crazy over a live stream of the International Space Station saying that they detected an astronaut trying to cover up a UFO on purpose.

The live stream of the International Space Station is a way to watch the space in real-time. However, at the same time, it’s also a big favorite for the conspiracy theorists who pursue UFOs.

The video seems to show a whitish object flying in the distance of the International Space Station. All of a sudden, observers of the feed saw the gloved hand of the astronaut trying to cover the scene.

Many theorists explained that it can’t be a coincidence that the appearance of the object matches the moment when the astronaut pushed his hand to hide it. Thus, many concluded that the astronaut was, in fact, trying to block the ISS live camera.

If you play the video at normal speed, the UFO is hard to detect. However, when slowed down, an object is clearly visible.

This means that it was moving at a huge speed. This is how another theory emerged suggesting that even the astronaut didn’t see it and that his hand blocking the view was pure accident.

If you slow down the video, you can see an object on the left side. Then, it seems like changing direction and eventually blasting off with a vast speed.

The UFO seems white and blurry while the astronaut’s hand comes down at the spot where the object shoved off.

NASA has been previously accused many times of cutting off the live feed when a UFO is seen in the background. Could the hand of the astronaut be one of their attempts to hide UFOs? The opinions on the topic are divided.

Here is the video so you can decide for yourself. Tell us your opinion.