We Are Born Creative Geniuses And Then The School System “Kills” Our Creativity

It is world known that NASA has number one space program and recently, her best crew, got in contact with Bet Jarman and Dr. George Land to crop up a test that was highly specific.

The test involves weighing creative capabilities and possibilities for achievements of their engineers and rocket scientists. The pair made an unorthodox test based on conflicting reasoning, the opportunity to look into an issue and come up with numerous answers.

The test’s conclusion was productive and NASA was happy with the outcome. Nonetheless, Land and Jarman, who had a divergent way of creative and detailed thinking, wanted another try so they’d be able to fully understand the real origin of the creativity. Simply said, they wanted to know if the spring of creativity was a deed of genetic characteristics, life experience or something beyond all that.

The simplicity of the test Jarman and Land made for NASA made it able for it to be conducted virtually in any age class. They found 1,600 children at the age between 4 and 5 and endured measuring their progress. What they found out was truly shocking and confusing. 98% of the respondents turned out to be geniuses! The team was enthusiastic about the results of the examination and they decided to convert the test into a long-term study. They gave the same group of children the very same test but waited for five years. The outcome was identically shocking to the one before. Now, only 30% of the children had a genius level of answered questions which suggested an incredible decline of 68%. The test was taken 5 years later in the same group and this time they were in high school and had declined by another 12%.

These revelations imply that we start our lives as geniuses and with the years passing by, visiting schools we get less smart. The land was captivated with the test’s after-effects and decided to conduct it again but in different age zone. Now he took a group of adults that were 25 and over. At the end, he found out that fewer than 2% of the people in his new adult group resulted in a genius rank of answers. His conclusion now was clearer than ever: PEOPLE ARE BORN WITH POTENTIAL OF GENIUS AND THEN THEY GET DUMBER WITH THE SCHOOL SYSTEM. This urges the questions why schools as institutions that are meant to teach us, actually get us dumber? Well, the reason is not too difficult to be understood. Schools are built as a place to serve the needs of the ruling class instead of the average people.

Children represent the biggest warning for this corrupted system because of their wide imagination. If they are left unsupervised, their creative way of thinking would erupt into a revolution that could crash down the monopoly of the ruling class. The upper class, in pursuance of a luxury lifestyle, creative child minds have to be shut down. But, even though the imagination of the child can be suppressed, it can’t be completely destroyed. When people sleep the imagination is stimulated, meaning that creative potential or mental inside genius in everyone, is only sleeping and it simply needs to be wakened up.

George Land said that based on the studies he had undertaken and the brain scans that he had looked at, people should learn to judge less and understand more. He pointed out the best practice to deal with depletion is to do yoga, meditation and other physical activity that helps to kill the stress. Land also indicated the challenge of the belief system and claimed that people should understand that whatever view they hold is an outcome of their social propaganda.