Leonardo Da Vinci Disguised Proof Of Aliens In His Artwork

A controversial video on YouTube talks about the artwork of one of the most famous artists – Leonardo Da Vinci. However, it is not the usual masterpiece talk but pure claims that the prominent painter hid proof of alien existence in his work, especially the epic Mona Lisa.

Paranormal Crucible believes that the artist shaped the colors in the right way, forming facial features, cloak and hands of an ‘Alien High Priest’.

The video is revealing the story with a computer-produced voice saying: “Many theologians believe that Leonardo Da Vinci deliberately concealed secret codes and subliminal messages in most of his work.”

With this in mind, it’s logical to conclude that the Mona Lisa’s creation has another non-artistic reason to exist. Namely, to cover significant historical and religious circumstances concerning extraterrestrial presence and its connection with the Roman Catholic Church.

The Mona Lisa painting

There is another Paranormal Crucible video claiming Da Vinci’s St John The Baptist artwork hides an alien also. Moreover, they say the piece hides the alien in its center.

To put it differently, they claim that if we reflect and join the image, we can realize the painter has a concealed figure.

By adjusting the painting better, the observer can see “possible evidence of an extraterrestrial life form”.

Da Vinci’s St John The Baptist

Some conspiracy theorists dig even deeper and assert Da Vinci might have been an alien himself.

UFO explorer, Scott C Waring, wrote on his website that the theory of Da Vinci being an alien is highly possible.

He explains this idea saying that the painter had a very high mental capacity and exceptional creative scope.

Alien Hidden In The Mona Lisa

”Leonardo is somebody who is able to operate across all these various fields, which is very unusual,” he said.

Leonardo Da Vinci was well-known for keeping concealed messages and codes in his work. Thus, this new finding gives us a hint to think about his possible alien based abilities.

source: express.co.uk