Who On Earth Put It There? Massive Antenna Discovered On Antarctica

No doubt Antarctica has everything it deserves to carry the title a Conspiracy harbor. Especially now, when an Arizona-based UFO pursuer claims to have found a massive antenna on the icy continent while looking at Google Earth images.

According to him, Antarctica holds a giant antenna-like object covered with a heavy layer of snow. Who put it there though?

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Antarctica has been a main subject of conspiracy for a long time now. Beyond question, the frozen continent perpetually keeps revealing mysterious abnormalities.

Its mysterious background is mainly due to its remote location but also because researchers keep finding weird objects in a place that’s supposed to be the most isolated place on Earth.

Antarctica is far away from modern society and its only inhabitants are the penguins. Snow is covering its surface, however, claims are saying this place was once flourishing with life.

Due to its inhospitality and its remote environment, Antarctica often holds the heading as the center of all conspiracies.

So every now and then, people come out saying they have found something extraordinary on Antarctica. Hence, step by step, this continent became one of the most enigmatic places on Earth.

According to many people, there are many fascinating things hidden underneath Antarctica that remain hidden from society for an unknown reason.

There are discoveries that are a pure exaggeration but also there are others that make us actually wonder.

Long story short, a man who goes by the nickname MrMBB333 claims he discovered a massive antenna on the icy continent. He describes the structure as an object with straight lines that is anything but naturally conceived.

The opinions over his claims were divided. Rationalists believe it is only snowdrifts. However, the ones who believe Michael’s theory couldn’t help but ask themselves one inevitable question: Who on Earth could have created such structure in this region?

Here is the video so you can tell us your personal opinion. Enjoy!