Extraterrestrials Could Wipe Us Out By Sending Malicious Alien Message To Earth

A gleaming research inspects the potential risks of accepting an alien message from the other world. Scientists are convinced that the subject matter of these messages is malevolent and can cause many issues for mankind.

The research implies talks about the possible ways for the human to protect himself from bad-nature viruses from a theoretical alien message.

According to Michael Hippke from the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany and John G. Learned from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Hawaii, a cryptic message from space may demand computer help in order to visualize, interpret and understand.

Experts can’t purify this type of messages with 100% inevitability. Hence, we always suffer from the threat of multiple risks. Complex messages would need to be destroyed in the risk-free case.

There are easy ways for an alien message to destroy our world. It could imply that the aliens are about to devastate our sun, and presumably cause a disorder.

Among the other essential facts, this study also warned that if humans ever accept an alien message would possibly the greatest experience in history followed by a great amount of risk.

You can read the study which goes by the title “Interstellar Communication. IX. Message Decontamination Is Impossible” on arXiv. It examines the potential risk extraterrestrial messages could carry.

Hippke and Learned mention numerous plausible threats from an ETI message. The most elementary one would be a remark such as “We will convert your Sun into a black hole tomorrow”. This will immediately lead to a worldwide frenzy.

Talking on a reasonable level, a longer text could have an upsetting social impact. The whole study is based on the fact that the message most likely wouldn’t be very short and superficial.

There are numerous possibilities of a hypothetical communication with extraterrestrials. All of these examples are subject to a point-by-point analysis.

The research reflects how mankind could shield from vicious viruses that could carry a message from the distant worlds.

In an interview with Universe Today, Professor Learned said: “There is no compelling reason at all to assume benevolence (for example that ETI is wise and kind due to their ancient civilization’s experience). I find much more compelling the analogy to what we know from our history.”

Researchers claim that alien message within the realm of possibility which SETI receives is analyzed and purified in order to dodge damage by any means.

Supposing that aliens want to destroy our whole civilization, it would be much easier for them to send us a malicious virus than an alien flotilla.

The study’s leaders claim that balancing a potential computer threat that could arrive in a shape an extraterrestrial contact would be very hard. They recommend maximal caution and security standards in order to avoid vaster hazards.

At the bottom, when it comes to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, we may practice the rules of the internet.

If we start getting messages, we shouldn’t trust the suspicious ones. Indeed, just like in the real life mailbox, they go to the spam folder.