First Alien Contact Could Result Into A Global War

According to an expert in the field of science fiction, our first alien contact will be the reason for a global war. In the meanwhile, China will be the first country to establish the contact.

If humankind finally confirms that we are definitely not alone, this could further lead to Earth’s division and struggle, says the Chinese writer Liu Cixin.

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The expert also believes China will be the country that will establish the first alien contact in the world.

Namely, China in 2016, created the biggest radio telescope in the world, devoted to looking for extraterrestrial life. It can catch signs from the deepest bottoms of space and it’s called the Aperture Spherical Telescope.

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Whatever it will find, its public share will be up to the Chinese government.

Liu Cixin is one of the most famous science fiction writers in China. He is also an expert in the field of alien life.

Last January, the Chinese Academy of Sciences invited him to visit their new contemporary radio dish in the country’s southwest.

When speaking about the first alien contact, Mr. Cixin said that we shouldn’t reveal too many details about the human history.

The Chinese Author Liu Cixin

He claims that certain alien species observing us right think we are a threat because we are an aggressive community that tends to like wars.

The Chinese eminent writer also warned about a possible global war that first alien contact might inspire.

Furthermore, he described China’s large radio telescope as like “something out of science fiction”. Unfortunately, humanity’s point of view and knowledge for aliens is insufficient.

He said: “When we wonder why they don’t use certain technologies to spread across a galaxy, we might be like spiders wondering why humans don’t use webs to catch insects.”

The contact is still not established due to large cosmic reach and understanding issues, he further claims.

Since last year, the one the biggest world forces, China, has been heavily growing its presence in space.

China is pursuing to become a major space superpower. Thus, it engages itself with the US and Russia constantly.

Pentagon general Steve Kwast said the US has a risk of stalling behind, maybe even 40 years behind China.

China is currently growing a Space Force within the People’s Liberation Army, which will involve nuclear satellites, electronic hostilities and space crafts.

All the space agencies around the world are constantly looking for a sign of aliens. Will China be the first one to find it very soon?