Scorpion Tableau: Earliest Document Shows Egypt Was Ruled By A Scorpion King

One of the earliest historical records ever found on the planet is the Scorpion tableau telling the story of a successful and powerful ruler in Egypt. And it will change our whole point of view towards this middle East ancient empire.

Discovered in 1995, outside a desert hill in Egypt, by J.C Darnell and D. Darnell, the Scorpion Tableau describes the cycle of domination of King Scorpion.

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It further suggests that Scorpion won the king of Naqada and united Upper Egypt as a preface to the alliance of Upper and Lower Egypt by Narmer.

The unique details described in this ancient tableau are by many considered to only be part of a legend.

Head of king Scorpion on his macehead

However, the stories are now confirmed to have been crucial in the establishment of the ancient Egyptian Civilization.

The Scorpion Tableau measures about 18 to 20 inches. Dr. John Coleman Darnell and his wife Dr. Deborah Darnell discovered it while investigating old trade roads west of Nile, at the site of Gebel Tjauti.

Adding to the mystery, this place is pretty close to the location wherein 1999 the Darnells reported unearthing writings that could be the prime cases of alphabetic writing, approximately from 1800 B.C.

”We do feel that this is the earliest known historical document,” said John Darnell.

”It may not be exactly 100 percent writing, only proto-hieroglyphs, but the tableau really is able to impart the who, what, where of an event.”

When you think about ancient Egypt, the mainstream thing that comes to your mind surely are the Pharaohs. They were rulers whose tombs were the pyramids – another masterpiece that reminds us of Ancient Egyptians.

Although we do have enough data about the Egyptian rulers, still, we are not so abundant when it comes to the origins of this early civilization.

Who created ancient Egypt? How did it all come into existence?

Let’s roll the clock back to the ancient ruler who up until now was thought-out to be a fable.

In the middle of the history and legend rests a body of a pharaoh that existed on Earth even before the union of Ancient Egypt. His symbol was a scorpion under the shield of a falcon.

This king, being the oldest known to date, has been widely famous as the Scorpion King. His tale is even older than Narmer, who was considered as the first pharaoh.

Curiously, archaeological discoveries have presented evidence that made this myth to become reality.

Archaeologists believe that his name could signify either his defiance or his amazing leadership. However, they are almost sure his name relates to his stunning battle capabilities.

Experts’ evaluation places this ancient ruler to have lived between 3,200 and 3,300 BC.

What makes this story even more compelling is that until recently, experts believed the first kings were mythological creatures only. The discovery of Horus-Scorpio once again confirmed they were real humans.

Moreover, many archaeologists believe how the victories of the Scorpion King sprang the Egyptian hieroglyphic system. Namely, because of the need of keeping documentation.