The First Moon Landing Was Organized By A Nazi Officer

According to some claims, the principal aerospace scientist who participated and aided the first moon landing mission was a prominent Nazi officer.

The Nazi officer name was Wernher von Braun. He was a German space architect who quietly transferred to the US after the second world war ended. He wasn’t alone but rather accompanied with 1,600 other scientists and engineers.

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They formed an organization called Operation Paperclip. This was a top-secret plan to surpass and defeat Russia in the lunar competition.

After Operation Paperclip, Braun suited as the director of the Development Operations Division of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency. While working there, he developed the Jupiter-C rocket in order to launch America’s first satellite.

Initially working for the Third Reich, von Braun created comprehensive rocket V-2 in 1939. This rocket was able to fly 200 miles thus being the first human invention competent of reaching space.

Wernher von Braun

On July 20th, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon’s surface. Millions of people watched this heroic act and Armstrong’s words spread across the globe.

Wernher von Braun won a National Medal of Science for his contribution in the first moon landing. However, from recently, a new theory developed, criticizing the Nazi officer and dismissing his heroic benefaction.

Molly Brandenburg and Carter Roy talked over in a podcast if the government hired him intentionally despite the fact they knew he had a link with the Nazis.

Carter, from the Conspiracy Theories Parcast, said: “Wernher von Braun was beloved by America.

“But he was actually a true Nazi officer who knowingly supported war crimes in order to advance his own research.

“The United States assured he never saw punishment for his crimes, due to his high-ranking in the space organization.”

Molly further said: We know he was a card-carrying member of the Nazi party and even recruited to Hitler’s SS, where he achieved the rank of major.”

“Associating someone with the Nazi’s and confirming they were involved in war crimes are two different things and the US officials running the project operated in the grey area in between.”

Therefore, we come to a conclusion that some people who performed horrendous crimes for the Nazi leader Hitler, later received forgiveness in pursuance of military aims.