David Meade: End Of The World Is Here & Nibiru Is Ahead Of World War 3

Many conspiracy theorists have warned people about the possible ‘end of the world’ outcome from a World War 3 apocalypse. David Meade gave a notice that the mysterious Planet X or Nibiru is very near.

There are many people who believe in the existence of the planet Nibiru. According to their theory, our world will soon break down due to a villain planetary system which will bump into our own.

David Meade, a self-proclaimed numerologist, is the leader of the Nibiru theory. He claims that his life mission is to warn people of the approaching end of the world.

Considering his latest claims, Planet X is already here, deciding the future of our Earth.

Meade bravely said: “The Book of Revelation states that men will approach Armageddon on horseback.

“Nibiru is here and the earth will be prepared for the next event on its calendar.

“That’s all in the Book of Revelation, too.”

Meade further claims that all the warnings about the ‘end of the world’ are part of the Bible, however, he believes he was able to solve them just in time to prepare us.

Additionally, Mr. Meade believes that there is another thing as much as terrifying as Planet X, threatening to destroy our Earth. Namely, he mentioned a potential eruption of a World War 3 between the West and East.

Moreover, the chief conspiracist claims that the Russian President Putin is prepared to grow the pressure between the US and Syria.

He said: “Did the US signal Russia that we are exercising our superpower status once again in this 100-missile attack?

“Trump is not afraid to use the military, unlike his predecessors.

“But how will Putin react? Will Russia at some point attack NATO and the US? If it attacks one, it has to attack the other.”

If we listen to Meade’s claims, we likely have to accept that Earth’s faith is hopeless. But, on the other hand, if we pay attention to the global scientific authorities, we have no evidence to claim Nibiru actually exists.

According to NASA, there might be a potential Planet Nine on the edge of the solar system. However, they assure Nibiru is nothing more than an internet hoax.

Nibiru’s popularity grew big due to the ambiguous author Zecharia Sitchin and the Zeta Talk UFO conspiracy forum in the 1990s.