Connection Between The Moon Landing and Masonic Ritual

The year of 1969 was marked as the year of the first moon landing. But what actually happened there we may never find out completely.

The enormous success regarding the moon landing made famous the names of the astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin. Besides them, the whole team of NASA that stood by them.

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For more than two hours they were exploring the Moon’s surface, gathered rock samples, took images and set the American flag.

But what actually happened behind the camera? Some people believe NASA had an extra top secret mission.

When Apollo 11 made its moon landing, one of its purposes was to analyze several areas. The big question is if these areas were already previously elected?

In order with what NASA’s database says, they chose the sea of tranquillity preserving its flat surface. However, some researchers claim this site was chosen for another reason.

They say that, as a matter of fact, the moon landing site was elected because specifically on that date, its coordinates arranged straight under Orion’s belt.

So, they allegedly selected the landing place by picking the specific date, latitude and longitude first.

It is said that the person who elected the landing dates of every Apollo mission was Farouk El-Baz, whose father is an expert on ancient Egypt’s mythology. And you sure are wondering how is this weird or connected? We have the answer you are looking for.

Ancient Egyptian followers have a belief that the ceremonies conducted straight under Orion’s belt design a divine order that enables people to talk to Osiris.

And Apollo 11 had a moon landing date and time exactly when the three belts stars of Orion were on the range.

The second man to walk on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin was also a 33 Degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

According to some ufologists, precisely 33 minutes after docking, he performed a ceremony on board together with Armstrong and even admitted it although not entirely.

Despite the whole strangeness revolving around the moon landing, rituals and ceremonies, some people strongly believe that’s what went on the Moon.

Many ufologists around the world describe their ceremony as a complex one. They say this ceremony’s name is communion ceremony and involves pouring wine into grails and breaking bread.

Although the ceremony is Catholic, its roots are much older and greater. Namely, the ritual is an oblation to the God Osiris.

According to the writer Michael Bara, the moon landing included offering to the God Osiris.

The fascinating yet unusual thing both astronauts did was that besides leaving the common scientific instruments and the American flag, they left some other objects on the Moon too.

Namely, they left a gold replica of an olive branch, a traditional symbol of peace and a silicon disk with messages of peace from 73 world leaders.

Why did these representative messages mean? Who was NASA assuming to meet on the Moon? Or they left it just in case otherworldly creatures wonder to the moon?

Many theories imply the Moon has a dark side that hides remains of whole cities. So, they further suggest NASA knew about them and initiated the mission to recover alien artifacts rather than moon rocks.

If someone ethereal visited the Earth in the past, then he might have done a ‘stop by station’ at the moon too, thus leaving evidence.

Over the past years, representatives from NASA‘s space program have agreed they have misplaced initial recordings of the Moon landing.

Every photograph taken from the unmanned missions on Mars gives some eerie feeling because of the strange structures.

Carl Sagan was talking about the pyramids of Elysium, tetrahedral pyramids on Mars.

Many pictures on Mars reveal strange formations that might have been built by an intelligent race.

For instance, the famous ‘face’ is one of those. After this, another picture went out showing the ‘face’ is gone.
NASA scientists claimed ‘the face’ was a game of light, shadow and imagination, but was it really?

‘The Face’ on Mars

“There are some people that think that with the Roswell crash, the US government established communications with extraterrestrial beings. There are some who think that we didn’t establish such contact until the Apollo missions themselves. And there are other people that we really don’t have any direct contact with extraterrestrial species. My personal belief is that at some point along the way, NASA did have a direct pipeline to the ET’s,” said Michael Bara.

So, what is NASA hiding? Have they already discovered extraterrestrial lifeforms? What do you think?