Has The Long Lost Atlantis Been Found In Antarctica?

Unusual Google Earth images reveal a region in Antarctica which shows a rather weird structure. According to some theories, this formation could be part of a lost civilization and not just any, but Plato’s mythic Atlantis.

The video that lays out the potential discovery is available on the Conspiracy Depot YouTube channel. It reveals a set of lines for which the storyteller believes are artificial and uncovered as a result of the ice melting.

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“The three parts of this structure are separated by equal distances and all are approximately seven meters long,” said Graham Maple, owner of the channel.

Maple continues explaining how the structure looks like it’s been carved into the rock itself. He strongly believes that in Antarctica once flourished great civilizations, in particular, the whimsical Atlantis.

“There is much-forgotten knowledge of our ancient history. We are beginning to scratch the surface with this new discovery,” stated Maple.

If you want to check out yourself, the coordinates are 64 ° 2’40.87 “S 59 ° 46’13.97” W. This place is located in the north of the Antarctic Peninsula.

What is Atlantis?

The dialogues Timaeus and Critias by Plato were written around 360 BC. In them, the author, through the voice of Critias, details how Solon, a prominent Greek Statement traveled to Said and met with priests from the goddess Neith.

At this instant, Solon meets an old priest who tells him about a nation that lived 9,000 years before him. This empire was conveying a war with Athens. This empire’s name was Atlantis and it disappeared due to massive catastrophic events.

The priest named Sonchis described how Atlantis’ capital city emerged with a plan containing all the extras. It possessed amazing temples, mansions and fascinating gardens of silver, gold, and ivory.

Moreover, he described the capital as having large walls and surrounding islands that served as protection of the inner citadel.

According to Plato, Atlantis was located ‘beyond the Pillars of Hercules’. Even though Antarctica indeed is beyond the pillars, it still doesn’t match the place where Plato thinks Atlantis vanished.

But, many experts are claiming Antarctica wasn’t always the image we see today. Not only they think it wasn’t always icy, but they also believe it wasn’t in the place where it is today.

Where do you think Atlantis is?