Floating City Captured In China – Proof Of Parallel Universe?

A series of photos and videos went viral on the internet showing what appears to be a mysterious floating city in China above Dalian in China’s Liaoning Province.

There were a lot of witnesses who took images and videos of the weird event. Namely, they were overlooking skyscrapers appearing out of nowhere in the sky along the port of Dalian and remained there for a few minutes.

Reports in China register the unusual event had more than a thousand eyewitnesses. However, so far, only a few videos went into the public depicting the confusing floating city in the sky.

This isn’t the first time a floating city to be noticed hovering in the sky. Thus, people started speculating divided opinions about the possible cause.

Many claim it’s a part of a secret government mission. There are someones who claim it is the sighting of some parallel universe. Rationalists, on the other hand, say the sighting is only a part of an illusion.

What is Fata Morgana?

Fata Morgana or a mirage is a type of an illusion which can be noticed on land and sea. This type of optical illusion depicts many distant objects, such as boats, islands, flying pigs. So why not a floating city too?

In October 2015, people reported flying cities in Foshan China and Jiangxi. Oddly, at the same time, there was another report on the other side of the planet, in Hastings England.

In 2011, many people of the small town of Dulali in Darazo Nigeria reported seeing a huge floating city.

Appearing out of nowhere and clouds encircling it, this giant city showed beautiful buildings, towers and sound of machines.

Many people have a strong belief the cause of these mysterious cities are the experiments scientists perform by the LHC ‘atom smasher’ at the CERN Center in Geneva, Switzerland.

They have been firing up the ‘atom smasher’ to its highest energy point in an effort to create small black holes. Researchers on that very same project have said that gravity from our universe may drool into a parallel universe.