The Secrets Of The Black Pope And His Control Over Illuminati – Part 1

So you probably thought that the Pope is the supreme head of the Vatican and the Catholic Church? Well, you got it all wrong, because behind the Pope dressed in white, there stands the real supreme head of the Vatican, the Catholic Church and also the Illuminati, CIA, FBI and his name is the Black Pope!

Believe it or not, he is the most powerful man on the Earth! He is in control of all the bank services as well as the secret services such as CIA, NSA, FSB and MI6.

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Also, did you know that the Vatican owns 60% of all the lands in Israel and also the Land of the Temple Mount for the Third Solomon Temple? Another interesting fact about the Vatican is that it is a part of Arcana Arcanorum, which is controlled by Papal Bloodlines.

Those bloodlines are the omega points of the control and the center of their command room is located in the Borgo Santo Spirito. Did you know that this place is protected with military missiles? They were installed at the time of Viktor Emmanuelle II who had the plan to nuke this entire region of Rome.

Arturo Sosa is the name of the Black Pope which rules nowadays have inherited the throne after the retirement of the previous one. Arturo is now the 31st Superior General of the Jesus Order.

Father Arturo Sosa SJ, 31st General of the Society of Jesus

You should also know that the Black Pope and his 6 generals control the White Pope and Vatican.

The Illuminati and the global elite are also under their control as the Zionists are. The Freemasons and the Committee of 300 are under their control too.

When it comes to the FBI, NSA, MI6, MI5, ASIO and the Knights of Malta, the Knights of Columbus, they all are controlled by the Jesuits, as all the intelligence agencies in the world.

Even more surprisingly, the Jesuits have infiltrated themselves in all the governments and it is stated that leaders such as Obama, Trump and rest are just puppets who are being controlled by the Jesuits in order to carry out their orders.

Another shocking news is that the Jesuits are also the ones that sank down Titanic in order to kill three very powerful men that were on the ship and were considered a threat to their bank plans.

There is a thing called the General Congregation of Society that has the power and the job to elect all the Superior Generals after one of them retires or dies. When one is elected to be a Superior General, he holds on his title to the rest of his life!

However, the last Superior General decided to file a resignation due to health problems which led to a convocation of the 35th General Congregation. It was then when the current Superior General named Arturo Sosa was elected.

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