The Secrets Of The Black Pope And His Control Over Illuminati – Part 2

Before you continue to read this article about the New World Order and the organization led by The Black Pope you should read about who he actually is – read here for part 1.

Well, The New World Order was created by one man who was a banker and who have decided to revive his private bank from the global government regulation in 1760. It was then when he created the dream of GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM and when he adopted the word Illuminati who is still alive because of his decedents.

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There is this outline where you can notice all the similarities between Weishaupt’s outline and Karl Marx’s 10 Planks if you just look carefully.

Also, you should read the New World’s Order blueprint which is:

  • Abolition of the family
  • Abolition of religion
  • Abolition of inheritance
  • Abolition of patriotism
  • Abolition of private property
  • Creation of a world government
  • A global population of 500 million

In 1828 Mayer Amschel Rothschild says that he needs to be allowed to issue and control all the money of the nation, he also states that he does not care what the laws say about it.

Woodrow Wilson also says that some of the biggest men in the US are afraid of something. He believes that is because they know that there is this power somewhere out in the world that is so subtle, so organized and so complete that they better not ever speak above their breath.

So aren’t you interested, who this complete, subtle and organized power is that Wilson is talking about? Because we all are and the real answer to the question is that this organization are actually the Jesuits.

Now you may wonder who the Jesuits are. You first may think about the priests, the missionaries, and all the general do-gooders. And if they are, why is the Jesuit order abolished in 1777 in over 80 countries? Well, they were expelled from all those countries because they were involved in subversion plots against the state as well as engaging in political intrigues. Practically, they created chaos and they even tried to get their hands on global domination which is why they needed to be shut down.

Well, they are doing all of this again but under a different name and it is time for the state to start working on it and it is time for the public to realize the truth.

Jesuits sign


Everyone needs to understand that the Jesuits are in control of the White Pope throughout the Black Pope. They also control the Vatican and every government on the Earth as well as their leaders. They also control every intelligence organization in the world and the Zionists, the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar.

Every major organization on the Earth and everyone from the elite is controlled by the Jesuits and more specifically the Superior General known by the name Arturo Sosa, even more, famous by the name of Black Pope since October 14, 2016.

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